Women Discuss Burmese Art, Gender and Censorship

As you’re no doubt aware, Burma / Myanmar was a closed country for years and years. While the censorship and closed borders may have eased since 2012, there is a legacy; especially to those traditionally excluded from positions of power. From minority groups to women, censorship and exclusion aren’t entirely a thing of the past.

A forum this December aims to open dialog about women, sex and censorship in Myanmar. Hosted by Yaw Min Gyi, artists like Emily Hong speak about what it means to make art, be active in public and confront the legacy of silence in Myanmar. One quote in particular stands out:

The very act of a woman holding a camera in the streets of Yangon – by nature of its rare and provocative nature – is performance art. – Emily Hong

You can read the entire article and see the images in the Myanmar Times.


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