Maung Aw

Artist Name: Maung Aw
Born: Yangon, Myanmar in 1945
Education: Studied under Master U Thein Han

Maung Aw was born in 1945 and studied for years under the master artist, U Thein Han. His work has been exhibited extensively overseas: Australia, China, Korea, and Singapore, and can also be found in collections from Europe to the United States. His work is impressionistic and possesses a unique sense of color and composition, with subjects taken from daily life in Burma.

Art Exhibition
More than anything else, Maung Aw considers himself to be an expert colorist. For several decades he has studied color theory and experimented as a colorist and is now considered a contemporary master. His oil works of landscapes, market scenes, and his intimate Woman Dressing series have proven immensely popular around the world. Born in 1945, Maung Aw has been showing through Yangon and internationally for more than 30 years. Today he rarely works and is essentially retired making his works more and more scarce. They are a must for any collector of Asian art.