Htoo Aung Kyaw

Artist Name: Htoo Aung Kyaw
Born: Kyaukpadaung, Myanmar in 1978
Education: B.A. Philosophy; B.F.A (2004)

Art Exhibition
Like many great artists, Htoo Aung Kyaw is an intellectual. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy and maintains a deep interest in history and Buddhism. For three years he was a teacher at New Zero Art Space, and also an educator to orphans for six. He previously served as an Editor of Pansodan Art and Culture Journal and wrote profiles about Myanmar artists and their works. Htoo also writes emotional expressive poems and essays that are published in several magazines.

Along with being a painter, Htoo Aung Kyaw is a performance artist, and his works have been exhibited continuously at home and abroad. He participated in about 50 group exhibitions in Myanmar and has shown in England, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, France and Singapore. His first solo exhibition was in 2015.

Artist Statement
I am so eager to create ABEX paintings but whenever I paint, Pyu and Bagan Eras run into my heart and soul. Pyu was rich in culture and art just before Bagan. Almost every time, I was inspired to combine all of these elements in my creations. Of course, I am bit interested in history, architecture and Buddhist philosophy. Bagan is the spirit of the history of Myanmar add also the first capital of modern Burma. There, original architectural designs are truly unique. Some of the damaged structures are visually arresting. When our government made renovations, I can’t express how sad and moody I am because there shouldn’t be replacements. Nothing can be like the original ancient treasure. For me, Old is Gold. By incorporating known history, hidden details, Buddhist philosophy I create a patchwork of Bagan, Rakhine and contemporary Burma in my works. Personally, I love the sense of ”Patch Work”. When creating, my emotions flow into the paintings and connect me with Buddhism and my country.